Can you do drugs in a limo?

Prohibited drug use is illegal, and a limousine service does not exempt it. Bringing or using illegal drugs also endangers the driver if the police believe that he is complicit in the crime. The Department of Transportation (DOT) issues many strict regulations and standards for all those who provide a transportation service to citizens, including public transportation, private transportation, and commercial trucks. Safety is of utmost importance to the DOT and it has created drug and alcohol controls that all employers and employees must comply with.

Limousine drivers are no exception to these rules, even if they may be part of a private company. If you're a limousine company owner, here are a few reasons why it's crucial that your employees comply with the DOT. Police have pledged to increase controls on stretched limousines after a surprising number were discovered to contain traces of heroin, cocaine and MDMA.

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