Can you drink alcohol on a coach bus uk?

Hot beverages should be in a travel-friendly container, such as a takeaway cup with a lid or a thermos. You may not eat or drink anything that could offend or annoy other passengers. Bus services in England and Wales have different rules about whether you can drink or not. Yes, but it was THEIR red wine, which they sold you at THEIR price and you drank it under conditions where they could watch you in case you got drunk or broke down.

I understand that a driver makes a mistake with advertisements on the bus, but a large national company that has a poster commissioned, designed, approved, printed, displayed, etc. seems to have many more levels of error checking. However, a National Express bus that transports members of the public who pay a fare is a public service vehicle. You can drink on the bus, at the driver's discretion, but if someone becomes a drunk and wants to leave you without any hope of reimbursement.

Because the driver and passengers are in a common space on a bus, drunkenness is more likely to affect safety than on a train.

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