Can I Bring My Own Driver for a Party Bus Rental?

The cancellation fee could be equal to the full charge of the reservation if you cancel within 72 hours of the service. Cancellations 4 to 7 days before the date of service only require the loss of the deposit; however, if we can re-book the party bus for your time slot, we will refund any cancellation fees incurred. We allow the division of groups on a VERY limited basis if you organize it with our reservationist at the time of booking. You cannot divide any group into which there are unaccompanied children on board, such as school dances, quincea├▒eras, or school sporting events. Any group division agreement should be discussed with our reservationist and included in the reservation documentation.

The driver is never allowed to be divided into a group without a waybill, also known as a reservation form, to authorize it. FOR MORE INFORMATION, ASK QUESTIONS OR BOOK A PARTY BUS. Are you looking for a fun and safe way to get your group from one place to another? A party bus is the perfect solution! Some of the party buses are better for going out at night, while others are better for airport transportation or wedding service. Often referred to as a minibus, it offers a wide range of features specially designed to provide fun and safety without sacrificing comfort, all on four wheels.

A PARTY BUS offers a whole new level of excitement and endless fun for passengers of all ages, mainly because they offer additional space and amenities that set them apart from regular vehicles and are in high demand when it comes to big parties. Whether your bus comes equipped with a bar or not, you should check with your transport company about their policies regarding alcohol and food. If you have questions about your experience on the party bus, don't hesitate to call Chic's if you have any questions. With a professional, licensed driver, your party bus will be driven by someone who understands the equipment, is trained to operate the vehicle safely, and is there to ensure that your comfort and needs are met. Be sure to check with your transportation company for their food, beverage and alcohol policies before booking your bus. Getting there in style is just what you need, and a party bus seems like the perfect way to bring everyone together for a good time.

Chic's party buses have all of this, plus satellite TV so you can watch the pre-game on the way to the game. Some OC Party and LA Party Bus Rentals bus rentals are also offered from satellite terminals in each county. Common party bus styles and brands Ford F550 Party Bus Party buses come in all styles and offer seating capacities ranging from 7 to virtually any number of passengers. For example, Chic's Limos has buses as small as 20 passengers or can accommodate up to 42 party goers. Your reservation ends at the final delivery time scheduled on the booking form or when the last member of your group leaves the party bus.

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