Is it Legal to Drink on a Party Bus in Ohio?

When it comes to drinking alcohol on a party bus in Ohio, the federal law TEA-21 prohibits opening containers in any motor vehicle. However, there is no federal law that regulates passengers who drink alcohol in minibuses, charter buses, or other vehicles that transport people in exchange for compensation. As long as all passengers are 21 years of age or older, alcohol is allowed on the limousine or party bus. We provide coolers, ice, and glasses for your drinks.

The customer must provide Wright Party Bus with their credit card information and agrees that Wright Party Bus may charge any amount owed by the Customer to that credit card. The total price is subject to change if the price of fuel increases by more than 20% between the date of this Agreement and the date of the Event (in which case a fuel surcharge will apply), or if there is a change in federal, state, or local laws or market conditions that require Wright Party Bus to incur significant additional expenses or substantially modify the bus before the date of the Event. Wright Party Bus and the operator will not be liable for any consequential or incidental damages that the Customer or any other person may suffer as a result of the performance of Wright Party Bus, even if Wright Party Bus has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Customers should be aware of the risks they take when they choose to pay less when renting a bus for parties. Unusual road, traffic, and weather conditions are beyond the control of Wright Party Bus and the operator, and delays caused by them will not be the responsibility of Wright Party Bus or the operator. The Customer expressly accepts that the above exemption and exemption are intended to be as comprehensive and inclusive as permitted by law and that, if any part of them is considered invalid, he undertakes that the balance, however, will continue in full legal force and in force.

Wright Party Bus reserves the right to require all passengers to sign its standard liability waiver form for participants. The customer is responsible for all damage to guests and for items stolen from Wright Party Bus. There have been cases where people found another group of customers on their party bus after returning to the vehicle, although the booking time wasn't over yet. Wright Party Bus is not responsible for any delays or malfunctions under this document caused by chance events, wars, riots, fires, explosions, floods, strikes, lockouts, court orders, government laws or regulations, or any other cause beyond the control of Wright Party Bus. A charter bus company that serves alcohol or allows alcohol to be served must require the charterer to provide a designated companion to any member of the charter group under 21 years of age. Wright Party Bus will not be responsible for passengers who have consumed alcohol before, on board, or after completing the trip.

Neither Wright Party Bus nor the operator will be liable for an amount greater than the total price of the event. Late arrivals due to these and other events unrelated to Wright Party Bus and the operator are not a reason for cancellation or price reduction. At the end of the Event, if an unusual amount of time and material is needed to clean the bus properly, Wright Party Bus may charge additional amounts to the Customer. The Customer undertakes to pay them immediately. It is important for customers to understand all legal requirements when drinking on a party bus in Ohio.

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