Can You Drink in a Limo in Chicago?

Hourly rental of a limousine allows you to use the entire vehicle for the number of hours you book. It has unlimited stops and miles traveled, and all vehicles are equipped with surround stereo systems that allow you to play your own device. In limousines, it is allowed to bring alcoholic beverages and food, while standard vehicles only permit drinks and food, but not alcohol. Please note that standard cleaning is expected to be free of charge, but spills and stains that require more thorough cleaning can come at a cost. Alcohol is prohibited in our sedans, SUVs and limousine buses, but drinking alcohol is allowed in all limousines and elastic SUVs.

When you're trying to catch a flight, attend a sporting event, go to a restaurant, organize a special trip, or take a luxury limousine ride through Chicago in style to your favorite place, time is of the essence and mistakes aren't allowed. Traveling with Lincoln limousine services in Chicago allows you to enjoy a luxurious selection of vehicles offered within the fleet, which has some of the most excellent vehicles available on the market. Booking a point-to-point limousine service in Chicago with us helps ensure a timely arrival and a stress-free start to every trip. We promise you timely, safe, and best-rate transportation for Chicago's point-to-point limousine service.

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