Can You Drink Alcohol on Buses? A Guide for Bus Riders

It's legal to have an open container on buses, taxis, limousines, and in motorhome or recreational vehicle homes. So it's okay to drink in a limousine or on a party bus, for example. Around 80% of bus operators allow alcohol to be brought on board, but will often require a deposit or cleaning fee for any possible dirt. It's best to consume canned beverages and plastic cups, as most suppliers prohibit barrels or glass bottles to keep the coach clean and safe. If you are in the U.

S., you can drink alcohol on buses. There is no federal law that prohibits passengers from drinking alcohol on minibuses, charter buses, or any other means of transportation that transports people in exchange for compensation. While there are local laws that may prohibit you from drinking legally on any bus, be sure to call and ask an agent about local laws on alcohol consumption for each stop that is on your schedule. The designated companion must sign a form that specifies their responsibilities, verify the identity of all passengers, read a statement about the prohibition of alcohol to those under 21 years of age and notify the driver if a minor consumes alcohol. Just like when you drink anywhere else, it's wise to have some water and some food when you drink on the bus.

When you call to book your alcohol-friendly bus, be sure to check the local regulations and let us know if you are going to have underage passengers. If you live in the state of California, you must designate a companion over 25 years of age for all underage passengers because of the AB 45 bill, which requires companies that operate party buses to control alcohol consumption among minors. If you're planning a party the night before your wedding, an outing to a sorority or fraternity, or a night of disco at a disco with friends or co-workers, you're probably wondering if it's okay to carry alcoholic beverages on the bus. For example, in Chicago, all buses with 15 or more passengers must have cameras and a licensed security guard on board if passengers drink alcohol or if the bus stops at places that serve alcoholic beverages. It's hard enough to remember all your belongings when you haven't been drinking, so before you get off the charter bus or minibus for the last time, make sure that everyone in the group has the keys, wallet, etc.

Jurisdiction over alcohol consumption falls under the laws of the county, so also check with the bus operator to choose the specific rules or regulations related to alcohol consumption on board depending on your itinerary. It's always a good idea not to drink so much that you become aggressive or aggressive, but it's especially important in a moving vehicle. Therefore, you should do some research before booking your trip to make sure that the cities you'll be in allow drinking on a charter bus. As long as the bus provider allows it and you keep the bus clean, safe and legal for underage passengers, carrying alcohol on board shouldn't be a problem.

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