What is the Smallest Size for a Party Bus?

When it comes to party buses, there are three main size ranges. For smaller groups, buses that can fit between 14 and 16 passengers are available. Standard-sized party buses can accommodate 20 to 30 people, while larger buses can fit up to 50 people. We recently had a luxury party bus for 44 people and it was a great experience for everyone on board.

Whether you need transportation for your child's prom night, you're planning your own wedding, or you want to reward your employees with a special outing, this party bus is sure to please. The CHP school bus inspection is more rigorous than the inspection of limousines, charter buses, or party buses. You can also choose from several limousines that can fit 10 people, but a Sprinter bus for parties allows your guests to move around more comfortably. If you're traveling with fewer than 10 people, the Sprinter bus is an ideal option.

We have a full fleet of custom-made party buses so you can find one that meets your needs perfectly. Whether you're taking a long journey with several people in Southern California or exploring all that Orange County has to offer, this party bus provides an affordable and unique way to travel. This budget-friendly party bus is perfect for small groups of family or friends who want to hit the town (or take a road trip) to celebrate a special birthday or anniversary. So don't let sticker shock stop you from considering a party bus for your next event.

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