Can You Drink on a Party Bus in South Carolina?

Are you planning a night out with your friends in South Carolina? If so, you may be wondering if you can bring your own alcoholic beverages on board a party bus. The answer is yes, but there are some important rules and regulations that you need to be aware of. Our party buses have incredible bar areas with custom countertops, refrigerators and glassware. Drinking is allowed as long as all passengers are of legal drinking age or older.

No underage person may bring alcohol into vehicles or drink in vehicles. If you have any questions about our child transportation policies, don't hesitate to give us a call. Yes, you can bring your alcoholic beverages to the party. However, everyone must be 21 years or older to drink alcohol on the tour bus or limousine.

This isn't just the law, but it's also meant to keep everyone safe all night long. The deposit helps cover any damage or cleaning that the bus may need, so make sure to review the contract you sign with the bus operator so that both parties agree on the total fares. Even for smaller groups of a dozen passengers, renting a minibus may make more sense than driving individually. Party buses and limousines can hold between 4 and 50 people, so before you pick up the phone, try to have at least a small idea of how many people might be joining you. Each bus has a spacious custom interior with comfortable leather seats, the best quality wood floors, colorful club-like lighting, multiple televisions, superior sound systems, bar areas, dance bars and much more.

Any disruptive action on board the bus is a reason for the driver to stop, so don't ruin a fun night by exaggerating. Renting a minibus, limousine, party bus, or other type of bus is a great way to keep your group safe during transportation. Jurisdiction over alcohol consumption falls under the laws of the county, so also check with the bus operator that you choose regarding any specific rules or regulations related to alcohol consumption on board depending on your itinerary.

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