Can You Drink on a Party Bus in Canada?

The government of Canada reminds party goers that drinking on party buses is illegal and asks those who plan to party on four wheels to ensure that their limousine or rental bus has the appropriate license. This advice comes after several incidents on so-called party buses, in which people who illegally consumed alcohol in the vehicles were injured or even died. In November, a party bus caught fire dramatically on Vancouver's Granville Street. The new rules were designed to help police crack down on the illegal use of alcohol in vehicles.

At that time, 71 operators requested license plates for 195 vehicles across the province. Since then, the province says it has distributed more than 800 stickers to operators to place on their vehicles to remind passengers that consuming alcohol in any vehicle is illegal. The province also wants passengers to check that party buses have a special authorization license. Licenses indicate where vehicles can operate and how many vehicles a company can have.

Passengers should look for a passenger license plate and a sticker on the front of the vehicle or, if there is no license plate, apply for a temporary operating permit before boarding a bus. The province says police will monitor limousines and party buses during the Christmas season. In accordance with alcoholic beverage licensing guidelines, it is prohibited to consume alcohol in a moving vehicle. This would prohibit you from drinking alcohol on a party bus in Toronto.

While laws have been in place for a long time that prohibit the driver of a vehicle from drinking, some laws also prohibit passengers from drinking. Meanwhile, the ministry reminds the public that it is illegal to consume alcohol and cannabis inside a vehicle. In Alberta, it is legal to consume alcohol on the party bus if all passengers on board are of legal age and have an Alberta liquor license. For some party bus operators, they may decide not to allow alcoholic beverages in certain cases.

Most bus rental services for parties allow you and your guests or friends to have any of your favorite alcoholic beverages, but they are not allowed to give them to minors. The difference between limousine service and party bus service is that the bus allows you to stand. You and your guests are expected to be courteous to the party bus driver, even when under the influence of alcohol. We recommend that you ask your service provider before you can arrange drinks on the party bus or even decide not to consume alcohol on the bus.

If you are renting a limousine for weddings or a party bus for a wedding, sealed champagne can be offered to the bride and groom. Not only does it help you learn a little more about your group, but it can also be turned into a drinking game. Keep in mind that a one-hour limousine ride is very different from a multi-hour trip on Party Bus and going from bar to bar all over the city. If you're planning to drink on a party bus, most are equipped with built-in ice buckets and most services provide you with cups and ice.

Party minibuses typically seat 10 to 16 passengers, larger buses can accommodate 16 to 24 passengers, and larger party buses can accommodate up to 30 passengers. Most Toronto party bus operators have different laws and regulations that govern activities, such as smoking and drinking in a limousine or party bus. AMPM Limo & Party Bus upgrades in Calgary, Lethbridge, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Banff, Canmore & Red Deer.

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