How many seats does a luxury bus have?

This spacious bus can accommodate 56 passengers and has comfortable amenities such as WiFi, power outlets and on-board bathrooms. For your next business events or special occasions, use our Executive Coach bus for 40 passengers. Organizations use the executive bus for short to medium-term trips, so luggage is not a problem. We offer top storage compartments for small bags and equipment.

The Mercedes-Benz Tourismo sets standards in its size category. The high-floor bus combines the comfort, safety and innovative design of Mercedes-Benz conference buses with the spaciousness of a tourist bus. Luxury buses allow the party to really start from the moment you're picked up. With our highly trained, knowledgeable and courteous drivers, you're sure to have a good time, safe and unforgettable.

Being best suited for large groups, this full-size charter bus offers the best travel experience for all passengers. These larger models can include even more top-of-the-line features to keep everyone comfortable and entertained throughout the trip. Equipped with plenty of storage space and seating options, the 56-passenger charter bus is an excellent choice for sports teams or groups taking long-distance trips. You've got plenty of space, a bigger bar, more seating, and a little more of everything, including entertainment (big screen TVs, sound system, and more).

Each bus is designed with specifications to comfortably and safely accommodate a certain number of people, so you'll want to choose a bus that can easily host your party. With a capacity of 56 passengers, this full-size charter bus is perfect for large groups traveling anywhere in Texas, including major cities like Houston. By renting a bus instead of forcing group members to travel independently, you save money on parking, tolls and gas. Make sure you have a number of passengers for your group and we'll be happy to provide recommendations on which charter bus capacity is right for you.

The 56-passenger bus places people at the top and luggage is placed in the lower compartment of the bus. You can rent a bus for short distances, such as day trips to Miami, Orlando, or Tampa, or you can rent a bus for longer multi-day trips. If the bus isn't big enough for each person to have their seat, opt for a larger size. Traveling with a charter bus means eliminating a variety of stressors that come with relying on group members to travel independently.

The aisles of a charter bus should be used for passengers traveling to and from the bathroom or to enter and exit the vehicle. The most important factor in determining what size of charter bus to rent depends on the accommodation or services your group needs. For example, the 50-passenger bus loses eight seats when it converts the back of the bus into a trunk.

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