Do you offer any packages that include custom decorations with the rental of a party bus?

Call our friendly staff and schedule a time to see any of our buses in person. We can help you with itineraries, trip planning, custom decorations and. Not sure which party bus best suits your needs? Call our friendly staff and schedule a time to see any of our buses in person. We can help you with itineraries, trip planning, custom decorations, and more to make your Manhattan Beach getaway incredible.

There are limousines for weddings, or you can rent a bus for the wedding party. Do they have to provide transportation for wedding guests? If you have a close-knit group of friends and family that you want to give a red carpet treatment to on your big day, you should consider limousine options for weddings. One of the biggest benefits of a party bus is that most of them have a bathroom (bathroom). After all, the idea is to offer a luxurious way to travel.

We have a lot of different brand options for our party buses. Our team can handle bus labels, decorations, personalized videos and other requests. Choosing the perfect bus to rent a party bus to Manhattan Beach involves much more than booking the first trip you see. Keep in mind that most party bus companies will include a certain number of miles in their party bus rental rates, and if you exceed that, it will cost you more.

We guarantee you the best limousines and buses for wedding parties on the wedding day, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and more. Every rental bus for parties is different, so the M Ride team can make sure to find the right bus for your group. Fortunately, White Rose's fleet of party buses in Manhattan Beach is varied and offers you plenty of options to choose from. For groups of up to 14 people, there's something special about the Lincoln Navigator party limousine that exudes elegance.

One of the fun things about party buses is that they're all a little different, since they're tailor-made. The price of renting a party bus will depend on many factors, such as where you plan to go, how many people will attend your party, when you book the party bus, and more. Party buses can be used for almost any occasion, but they are most commonly used for bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, birthdays, concerts, winery visits, sporting events, weddings, bar and nightclub tours. Whatever your wedding bus rental needs are, there are several creative wedding transportation ideas to make things easier for the bride and groom and wedding guests.

A party bus offers a whole new level of excitement and endless fun for passengers of all ages, mainly because they offer additional space and amenities that set them apart from regular vehicles and are in high demand when it comes to big parties. White Rose's custom-made 30-passenger party minibus is the perfect luxury trip for smaller groups that don't yet fit in a traditional limousine.

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